Readmissions Management

In this fourth year of the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program 2,592 hospitals will be penalized for high 30-day readmission rates. Some hospitals will lose up to 3% with an average 0.61% loss. The total cost for hospitals is estimated to be $420 million dollars. Losing any revenue, especially after you have provided quality care and used precious resources, is frustrating to say the least. HCIT Consulting will be able to help your organization:


What is your hospital doing to prepare for penalties related to readmission management?

Did your hospital have an appreciable penalty due to high 30-day readmissions?

Has your hospital been struggling to reduce avoidable readmissions and avoid Medicare penalties?

Is your organization making progress to improve transition of care processes and outcomes consistently?


The care processes that result in efficient and effective transitions of care are multi-factorial and complex. HCIT Consulting  has with a proven method to determine the vital contributors that lead to poor transition outcomes. We will lead your hospital to facilitate the change necessary to improve these outcomes.

Specifically HCIT Consulting can:

  • Directly assess your hospital’s care process, with an emphasis on transitions of care and readmission management.
  • Evaluate your organization’s data capture in relation to the transition of care process and readmission reduction.
  • Assess use and reliability of evidenced-based methods in order to improve your organization’s outcomes.
  • Provide a detailed GAP analysis to develop and implement a project plan to reduce avoidable readmissions.
  • Identify opportunities to optimize your organization’s use of existing clinical information systems and technologies, with an emphasis on transitions of care.
  • Lead an interdisciplinary improvement team to lead your organization to a best-practice future state.

Change management is what we do and we would like the opportunity to serve your hospital to improve transitions of care. Let us know how we can help your organization, please contact us at

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