The Challenge

Where do Healthcare Organizations (HCO) even begin to pinpoint problems in process, workflow, and performance? With value-based healthcare needing HCOs to practice a leaner and higher quality of care, it is no wonder existing problems within organizations have amplified by growing and dynamic cost pressures and regulations.  Hospitals, case management departments and post-acute facilities are trying to find ways to maximize existing software utilization and optimize processes to reduce unnecessary readmissions, reduce total cost of care, and identify opportunities for process improvement and, ultimately, increased revenue.

HCIT Consulting brings decades of healthcare IT experience to helping HCOs identify and solve challenges posing the greatest impact to their organization.  We deliver detailed assessments of process, workflow, and IT system used in day-to-day operations.  With thorough review and analysis of findings, our recommendations and project planning will be based on client specific needs coupled with industry best practices.

HCIT consultants have between 20-40 years of IT and clinical experience. Having been both the vendor and provider sides, our consultants have an unparalleled knowledge base.  HCIT’s goal is to help organizations deliver bottom-line results with meaningful financial and quality outcomes.

We specialize in these key areas of consulting services:

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