Case Management IT and Operations Optimization

Case Management should rightfully be called “Care Coordination” with the goals of facilitating the care of a patient through transitions to the next level of care. The broad scope of this discipline includes access management, care management, utilization review, discharge/transition planning, clinical population focus, and process improvement. Every hospital has allocated precious resources for this department and sometimes not resulting in quantifiable process and outcome measures of success.  How does your department measure up?

Is your Case Management operating efficiently? 

Do you know your Case Management department needs help but you don’t know exactly how to start?

Is improving your hospital throughput a key to your future success?

Are your care processes uncoordinated, overly complex and not meeting your institutions goals?

Is your health system struggling to reduce avoidable readmissions, length of stay, denials, or  to improve other outcomes?

Is your leadership making progress toward your internal initiatives?

Is your EMR or Case Management Software optimized to support your current workfow, reduce over processing and duplicate documentation for Utilization Management and Discharge Planning?

HCIT Consulting provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to assist you to optimize your hospitals Case Management Departments to improve process and outcomes. Specifically HCIT Consulting can:

  • Evaluate Case Management and Social Work operations to support initiatives related to Length of Stay, Readmissions, Utilization Review, Denials, Avoidable Days, and Discharge Planning.
  • Assess your hospitals Case Management workflow and processes to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Review staffing model, staffing  ratios, and resource allocation.
  • Utilize evidenced-based methods to improve transitions of care.
  • Evaluate committees’ structures (UR), effectiveness, and management.
  • Review opportunities for optimal use of information systems and technologies to support workflow and enhance processes.
  • Improve department efficiency and effectiveness based on outcome and process review.
  • Provide a GAP analysis and system selection for Case Management software systems.
  • Resources for Interim Leadership for Case Management departments.

The clinical and financial processes that your Case Management/Social Work Department is responsible for are without doubt multi-factorial and very complex. HCIT Consulting, with a proven method, can lead your hospital through a disciplined process to determine the changes needed to improve outcomes. Process improvement is what we do and we would like the opportunity to assist your hospital leadership and staff to meet your improvement goals.

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