Total Joint Program Assessment and Recommendations

Providing comprehensive care for Elective Total Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) patients is profoundly complex. With complexity often comes wasted time, confusion, duplication of effort, inefficiencies and undesirable outcomes. Managing and reducing that complexity to ensure your health care organization meets the goals inherent in value-based, bundled, shared saving plans or traditional payment models is essential.

Is your Total Joint Program…

Effectively delivering required clinical and financial outcomes?

Curtailing the overuse and misuse of limited people and material resources?

Suffering inefficiencies from lack of standardization of key processes?

Providing patient-centered care unique to a patient’s needs?

If your answer is no to one or more of these questions above HCIT Consulting can assist you by completing an objective assessment of your Elective Total Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) program and providing a simple prioritized list of actions to meet your programmatic goals.

The Total Joint Program Assessment and Recommendations consists of an assessment of your Health System’s Elective Total Joint Arthroplasty (TJA) Program.  HCIT will perform an 8-16 hour oonsite assessment at your facility to complete interviews with key staff. Additional interviews may be required and performed remotely by telephone. HCIT’s assessment and recommendations will identify program strengths, as well as determine programmatic gaps and opportunities for improvement based on industry best practices.

The process is simple:

  1. Request The Total Joint Program Assessment and Recommendations from HCIT.
  2. Once contracted, you will be contacted by an HCIT representative to schedule an initial conference call to discuss the following:
    1. Program Overview, Needs, and Goals
    2. Onsite Meeting Assessment dates
    3. Identify Key Program Contributors, onsite meeting schedule needs and Agenda
    4. Data Request needed for Program Assessment
  3. A short web meeting will be scheduled to review the details of the assessment process, expectations and requirements.
  4. A short one to two-day onsite visit will be scheduled to meet with leadership to acquire additional information and clarify information gathered via the web-based survey.
  5. A web-based survey may be sent out via email either by HCIT or your organization, to collect additional data regarding your TJR Program.
  6. HCIT will analyze the results and provide a simple and clear assessment and action item report.
  7. Results and recommendations will be discussed in a follow-up web meeting with key stakeholders from your organization.
  8. Your organization will then be able to implement actions to improve your Elective Total Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty) program performance.
  9. If requested, further HCIT support may be provided to support and/or implement operational changes and best practices.


The result—improved programmatic clinical and financial outcomes!

Once the assessment has been completed, the turn-around time for the Total Joint Program Results and Recommendations is 5-10 business days.