Staffing Ratio Assessment and Recommendations for Acute Case Management Departments

Staffing Ratios can drastically contribute to the efficacy and efficiency of your organization’s Case Management outcomes.  In addition, Case Managers continue to have increased responsibilities while completing their regularly assigned duties.  Often leadership has concerns about staffing ratios but do not have the resources to calculate this for additional funding, department model changes or other anticipated initiatives.

Are you concerned about your current staffing ratios?

Are you currently working on your budget for staffing for the next year?

Do you know you are understaffed but need an expert to review your needs and make staffing recommendations?

HCIT Consulting now offers a service package for a Staffing Ratio Assessment and Recommendations for your organization.  HCIT Consulting’s Staffing Ratio Assessment is simple:

  1. Request the HCIT Staffing Ratio Assessment from HCIT . This will be a flat rate for services (up to 5 locations/hospitals).  Additional sites will require an additional fee.
  2. Once contracted, you will be contacted by an HCIT representative to schedule an initial conference call. This call will be a consultative call with your Case Management Leadership to learn more about your department structure, goals of the assessment and other needs.
  3. HCIT Consulting will request data from your organization to complete the assessment. Examples of data request is as follows but is not limited to:
    • Current Case Management department model, mission, and organization chart
    • Current RNCM, SWCM, and support staff Job Descriptions
    • Staff Roster (names, position, and assignment)
    • Budgeted FTE by position
    • Position Control
    • Reports (to be determined after initial call)
    • Hospital ADC, Licensed and Staffed Beds, Volume, and Occupancy
  4. HCIT will review the Data Request and may schedule additional calls to clarify information as needed.
  5. HCIT will analyze the results and provide you with Staffing Ratio Recommendations
  6. A follow-up teleconference will be scheduled to discuss the results with department leadership and key stakeholders of your choice.
  7. Your organization will then be able to utilize HCIT’s Staffing Ratio Recommendations to determine your departmental staffing needs.
  8. If needed, HCIT can provide Utilization Review/Management Front Line Staffing Services

The result—concrete staffing recommendations based on your department size, model and industry standard practices.  Depending on the receipt of the Data Request, turn-around time for the Staffing Ratio Assessment and Recommendations is 5-10 business days.

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