Our Commitment

Innovate, inspire & partner with healthcare organizations to achieve COVID-19 recovery and lasting resilience in the aftermath of this global pandemic. As our industry emerges from these dark and trying times, we believe there is an opportunity to rebuild the healthcare infrastructure and service.

HCIT Consulting can leverage the talent & expertise of our Executive Consultants, Clinical Providers and Partner firms to deliver “Urgent Recovery” to hospitals, physician practices and post-acute care organizations across the country. We can help you return to Clinical Excellence, Financial Viability, Operational Sustainability, and Technology Supported Optimization

 HCIT Consulting COVID-19 Recovery Services include:

  • Front Line Healthcare Workers Healing from the Trauma
  • Celebrating Endurance Transformation
    • Partnership Advisory
  • Opportunities and Lessons Learned
    • Preparing for Future Disruptive Events
    • Supply Chain
  • New and Innovative Care Delivery Models
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Chronic Care Management,
    • Complex Care Management
    • Principal Care Management
  • Pervasive Virtual Health Strategy, Infrastructure and Adoption
  • Business Strategy Realignment with the New Reality
  • Recalibrated Structures, Processes, and Workflows
    • Operational Efficiency at All Levels
    • Elective and Ambulatory Services Recovery and Growth Plan
  • Patient and Family Experience
  • Financial Recovery and Optimization
    • COVID-19 Coding and Documentation
    • Pandemic Financial Reporting
    • Managed Care Contract Negotiations
    • Revenue Cycle Optimization
    • Care Continuum Integration and Relationship Management
    • Debt Restructuring

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