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What is HCIT Consulting?

HCIT Consulting is a consulting firm that provides assessments of process, workflow and how your current IT systems are utilized in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Healthcare Assessment


We perform detailed onsite assessments of current process and workflow to identify opportunities for lost revenue, efficiency gains, workflow optimization, and productivity improvement.

Healthcare IT Planning

Review & Planning

Onsite review of findings, recommendations and best practice. We will assist your team with project planning and change management during this exciting time of transition.

Healthcare IT Implementation


HCIT Consulting provides onsite and remote project support. This may include work with your  IT systems for  reconfigurations, staff training, and other project plan priorities.


Outcomes & Sustainability

Our team will provide a final review of the project, ROI and KPIs. We work with your team to ensure support and sustainability for outcomes.


See what our clients have to say…

Sarah Richardson MBA, CHCIO, CPLCChief Information Officer, DaVita Medical Group

“Meredith Ferguson and HCIT Consulting have been an invaluable resource to both our regional and national organizations to streamline the patient flow process and capture significant efficiencies within the care coordination areas. This work has enabled each of the regions to significantly reduce costs, while optimizing the patient outcomes across multiple, diverse populations. HCIT helped redesign and standardize our workflow and content in the outpatient setting and to 125+ inpatient hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. From helping integrate our inpatient care plans with our outpatient EHR to transforming and blue printing our enterprise warehouse and applications reporting, They have helped us achieve many of our project and outcomes goals.”

David Borowski, LCSWArea Vice President of Services, Allscripts

“HCIT Consulting has been a great resource for our clients to optimize their Allscripts utilization for continued client satisfaction with our products.”

Erica CrenlonProduct Manager and Interaction Designer, Allscripts

“The HCIT Consultants have an innate ability to engage current and future clients, uncover their needs, and translate those needs into workflows within our application. As a member of the Development Team, we considered their attention to detail and wealth of knowledge gained from personal experience and client interactions vital to uncovering gaps in our designs. It was always fun to work with the team throughout the development life cycle and witness their ability to morph a new feature into a working element!


We are clinicians with extensive hospital and IT experience

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